The Body

The Body or The Body of Christ Virtual Discipleship Group is made up of believers in Jesus Christ from many places around the World. We use the mobile application WhatsApp to host the group. The group is designed to keep brothers/sisters in Christ in communication daily discussing God’s Word and edifying one another in the way of the Lord.

Below is some of what the Lord has revealed through His Word and Holy Spirit so far. We encourage all brothers/sisters in Christ to continue growth in the Word of God and live the ways of God. As His called out ones we should all be His disciples fulfilling His will on this earth daily. We hope you find these notes as well as our Bible study podcast helpful to your life in Christ.

Matthew chapter 1

Matthew chapter 2

Matthew chapter 3

Matthew chapter 4

Matthew chapter 5

Matthew chapter 6

Matthew chapter 7

Matthew chapter 8

Matthew chapter 9

Matthew chapter 10

Matthew chapter 11

Matthew chapter 12

If you desire to be apart of the Virtual Discipleship group, contact us via email at or direct message us on Instagram(@WalkingAsChrist), Twitter(@WalkingAsChrist), or Snapchat(@WalkingAsChrist) with your; name, location, and phone number.