Our Host

Hi friends,

My name is George C. Brown. The Lord used me to begin this ministry to help encourage fellow Christians in their walk with Christ. After The Lord urged me to get closer to Him and learn His Word more throughly I began looking at the calling of a Christian in a whole new light.  I went to church the majority of my life but I never realized how little I really knew about my Lord and Savior until I started reading His Word daily. I learned we begin to hold The Lord and His will at a higher esteem once we learn His ways through His word in our own independent studies.


Reading the Word of God is not a one time thing or even a once in a while thing. We NEED to abide in the Word of God on a daily basis. The more we begin to learn it, the more we begin to change and become more like Jesus Christ. I feel The Lord has pushed me to share His Word and encourage others in His ways. I pray that you are encouraged to begin Walking As Christ throughout this study of His Word and encourage others in the same way.



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